My Hot Teacher

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
My Hot Teacher

Me and my /girlfriend/">girlfriend, Jasmine, were just graduating from /college/">college. We went around our old elementary school, saying hi to our old teachers. We finished, but my hot 5th grade /teacher/">teacher wanted to talk to me. So Jasmine got in her car to go home, but I stayed at her classroom so she could talk to me.

She asked me all of the usual questions about how life was, then walked over to me, took off her dress, revealing a perfect pair of C36 breasts. She took off my pants, took my rock-solid penis and her breasts and put my penis in between them and started giving me a "boob job". Now,my teacher, Ms. Rombach, was only 45 and I was 21, so I couldnt picture this ever happening to me.

She stopped, took my dick, and started sucking it like the tastiest lollipop, deep throating it. Next, we got on a few of the desks, with me on top, and I pounded her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy like there was no tomorrow. We did every position. Doggy style, cowgirl, missionary, you name it, we did it. I was starting to get tired, so I got on the bottom with her pussy on my mouth, giving her an oral. Her moans of pleasure got my penis harder and harder, until I thought it would explode. Her love juices in her pussy tasted so good, I could drink them. She got off my mouth, and back on my dick.

She asked me, "Can we do an anal? "We did it doggy style, with my wet penis in her tight, warm ass. It felt so good in there, so, so good. My dick slid out, and she rolled over, opening her legs, exposing her /wet/wet-vagina/">wet vagina. I fucked her hard, she on the bottom. I sucked and licked her C36 breasts, leaving her fits so hard that they could pass for lollipops.

Jasmine walked in, asking "Why no sex without me?" Now this was going to get fun. A threesome. She shed her clothes, revealing breasts that matched even my teachers. I laid down on the desks, with my teacher and Jasmine taking turns with me giving an oral and riding stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv my dick. My penis started to get harder and white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie harder, to the point where I wanted to cum.

I signaled Jasmine and Ms. Rombach to get off me, then they put their mouths under my dick to get all my cum. Ever since, I will never look at them both the same way.