NYC Tails 8

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NYC Tails 8

I think about her constantly. Her touch. Her feel. I wake up in sweats, fully aroused. Masturbating to her feels so wonderful that orgasming isn't even necessary to be satisfied. Where did she go? What was her name? I must find her. I need to thank her for what she did.

I was a 20 year old college student in the prime of my life, yet things didn't feel that way. I was stuck in a relationship with a girl I didn't like. She was pretty, but was terrible to me. I went on with the relationship anyway though because I felt I could do no better.

My self-esteem was at an all time low. I would masturbate rather then have sex with her sometimes. I was depressed and I didn't know why. That was until I met her.
I worked at Macy’s shoe store downtown Brooklyn. The job was very boring. I would sometimes spend hours by myself with nothing to do. When an attractive girl would come in, I would usually not say a word to her, and instead make fantasies in my head about seducing her. I old waman xxxgx had such little self-esteem that I figured that there was no point. I would then walk my pathetic self to the bathroom and masturbate to a gritty and unsatisfying orgasm, the kind that gets the job done and that’s it. I was stuck in a rut that I just could not escape. I needed help; and she came to give it.

I was standing in the back of the store when she walked in. My mind was on an upcomming test. When I saw her, I forgot what classes I was in. She was absolutely stunning. She looked older then me, about 25-26 years old and stood about 5'7". She had short brown hair that /hung/">hung to her shoulders. Her face was tan with soft features. Her eyes were a light hazel and seemed to dance when she walked. She was wearing a white tanktop and jeans. Underneath the tanktop I could see some perky C-cup sized breasts that showed just a hint of cleavage. Her best feature was her butt though; it was big and round and perfectly shaped. She was not slender, but not husky either; to me she was perfect.

"Can I try on this in a size eight?" I snap out of my trance to see her in front of me holding a shoe.

I was so enraptured with her I did not even notice she had already grabbed a shoe and was right in front of me. I managed to mumble an "okay" and quickly went to the backroom to get her shoes. As I walked into the back my mind immediately began to fantasize about this /new/new-girl/">new girl. I felt my dick stiffening but could do nothing to stop it. I grabbed her pair of shoes and tried to hide my hard-on as best as I could. I then stepped out of the backroom and walked to her.
"Those aren't the right size sweetie"

My face turned red. I had grabbed the completely wrong size. She smiled and said that it was perfectly fine. I offered her a weak smile and I started walking back to the backroom. I blew it. Like usual. Not like I had any chance anyway. I walked in the backroom and tried to compose myself. My dick was still rock hard. I stuck my hands down my pants and began to rub it a little. And then I hear:
"Is there a bathroom back here?"

I looked at the door and there she was. Thoughts race through my head: Did she see? Am I going to be arrested? I quickly try and hide my obvious erection and point to the bathroom. I walk over to the shelf and try and find her shoes, figuring it was the least I could do. As I stood there looking up, I suddenly felt a hand on my hip. It slowly moved to my dick and squeezed. I look back startled and see the girl I just basically sexually harrased looking me in the eyes. She whispers in my ear:
"I find you very sexy. Will you play with me?"

My heart races. My dick becomes harder then it has ever been before. This girl WANTS me?! I turn to her. She says:
"I noticed what you were doing. And I must say that I am turned on."

She looks into my eyes with desire. I suddenly feel a rush that I have never experienced before. I feel empowered, I feel sexy, I feel like I am the greatest lover in the world. Confidence overtakes me and I kiss her passionately and hard. She is startled at first by the sheer passion of it, but soon she relaxes into me. I begin to kiss her neck while she starts fiddling with the buckle on my pants. She undoes my pants quickly and takes them off, exposing my /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick. It is usually about 8 inches, but now it looks like it is at 969+6.
. And it feels like 12.
Words come out of my mouth that I have never even realized I could say before. "Suck me off", I command her. She moans with delight. She starts teasing the head of my dick with her tongue, and then slowly inserts the head into her mouth, going down a little but not all the way.
"Keep talking dirty to me" she whispers and then plunges her mouth down my shaft.

I feel as though I am morphing into someone new. I ask her how my cock tastes, I tell her how good her mouth feels, I tell her how hard I am going to fuck her. The words are so foreign in my mouth yet feel so good coming out. Her face grows more and more excited as I speak dirty to her, and she begins to go down on my shaft faster and faster. No matter to me; I am in complete control of my orgasm as this point. I command her to stop and to get up. I rip off her tanktop and bra and spin her around so her back is facing me. I begin to massage her breasts while blowing on the back of her neck. I then slowly trail my hand down the front of her until I reach her pants. I undo her pants and she pratically rips them off along with her shoes while still staying in front of me.

I then realize for a second that I am naked at work with a total stranger. Instead of getting /scared/">scared of getting caught, I get even more excited. As I trail my fingers over her tightly trimmed bush, I realize how excited she is. She is so wet that she nearly screams when my fingers merely brush by her clit. My dick is pressed up in between her ass cheeks and she begins to rub her ass against it as I circle her clit with my finger. I begin talking dirty again, becomming more and more confident by the second. I ask her how good my cock feels against her ass, I ask her how good my finger feels against her clit. Her moans become louder and louder.

"I want you to fuck me so /bad/">bad"

I hear this and I am so ready to fuck her I lose all touch of /reality/">reality. I forget where I am and who I am; I only know her and I at that moment. I look down at her purse and see a condom and quickly grab it. I rip it open and pull it on. She grabs a hold of the shelves in front of her and bends her ass in the air. It is so beautiful to look at I can barely comprehend what I am about to do. I take my dick and tease her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy, circling my dick around her until she is breathing so hard that I think she might faiint. I stick it in a little bit, and then pull it out, really making sure she is ready.
Then, I stick my head in, and slide it in.

Her moan is music to my ears. The sex has just started and it is already the best I have ever had. I begin pumping in and out rythmically at first, just setting a pace. I ask her how good I feel inside her and she moans loudly as an answer. I am so charged up that I feel as though I could do anything at this moment. I begin to thumb her ass and she immediately voiced her approval. I am going into territory inside me that I never even knew existed. I begin to pound her harder and harder until I can tell she is close to cumming. I then spank her hard and slide as deep as I can inside of her.
She comes to a screaming orgasm that makes her whole body shudder. I still pump it inside her as she rides the waves of her orgasm.
"Baby, we ain't done yet"

I set her down in a lounge chair that we have set-up in the back. I spread her legs and plunge my dick back inside of her. She grabs onto my back and squeezes, scratching my back with her nails. She puts my ear next to her mouth and says:
"You are fucking me so good. I want you to cum so bad!"

That's when I begin fucking harder then I have ever fucked before. I put it in all the way to the hilt and then back out over and over again. I feel alive! I feel as though I have stripped everything away, that I have reached the true primal core of inner self. All the useless and needless crap in life has disapeared; I am at one with myself. She starts pinching her nipples with a look of pure /ecstasy/">ecstasy. I feel the stirrings of an orgasm. But not just any orgasm. These stirrings I had never quite felt before. I yell at her, "I am going to cum"!

Her face becomes bright red as she reaches another orgasm. At this moment I reach an orgasm that cannot be explained in words. It is orgasm that destroys so much anger, self-pity and depression that it feels afterwards like I am as light as a feather. I collapse on top of her. We both have our eyes closed while as I ride the waves of the most mind blowing orgasm of all time. To her it was probably just another random sexual encounter; to me, it was a life-altering event.

We finally get up. I am shaking as I put my clothes back on. She kisses me deeply and starts to put her clothes back on. Just then my manager busts into the backroom. Some customers came in and told him what they heard. He orders her to leave immediately or he will call the cops. I nearly die as I watch her leave. I don't have a name or a phone number! I try and chase after her but my manager tells me he will call the cops if I go after her. I stop, and watch her disapear. The next day, I am fired from my job.

This is a true story. It might sound unbelivable, and you bokep sma pecah perawan are right, it is. I sometimes think it did not happen. But it did. She changed my life forever. I dumped my girlfriend immediately and began to pursue girls that interested me. I explored parts of my sexuality that I was too timid to try before. She opened my eyes to world that had been blind to me.