Geek get what she deserves

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Geek get what she deserves

This girl was a total /geek/">geek. Her name alain lyle porn was Sandra Messon. She walked around wearing out-of-date long dresses, she wore glasses and she couldnt even form coherant sentences. I decided that she should be punished for being nerdy.

I come from a well-off family and we have a huge house. Naturally I get a lot of respect from other gilrs at uni but I only hang around with lesbians. (Ill go into that another time) Any way, I got all my girlfriends together and we organized a /party/">party at my house when my mum was away on business.

"Hi Sandra! Lovely dress!"

"Go away Mellisa. Leave me alone"

"Dont be like that, I was trying to be friendly! I wanted to invite you to my party tomorrow."

"Whats the catch?"

"No catch. Just be at my house at 9:00, ok?"

"Sure, Ill think about it. Thanks!"

So that weekend, she came round and once she arrived she knocked on the door. Again, she was wearing a long dress but, for once, it was actually a nice dress. Plain black, and very chic.

"Hi!" She shouted as she stumbled through the door.

As soon as the door shut all the girls stood up.

"Sorry Sandy, but no party tonight. Youre here to be fucked!"

A few seconds later all the girls were grabbing at here. They managed to get her dress off and hold her down on the coffee table. I picked up my beer botled and walked over to her.

"You know, you are really pathetic! You came here expecting us to be friends with you, didnt you! Well, for being so stupid, you must be punished, brutally!"

I then tipped the beer from the bottle on her bra and panties making them soaking wet.

"Oh dear ladies! She seems to have got wet /underwear/">underwear on! Shall we help her out?"

Two of my girls took off her bra and panties so that the fun could begin. One thing I did notice about her once her glasses had come off and her hair was let down, was that she was actually a kinda attractive girl. I was going to enjoy fucking her!

"Now Sandy, all you have to do is call me /mistress/">mistress and mean it, then the fun will stop. Ok?"


"Oh, sorry babe, I dont think you mean that. So why dont we start?"

In saying that I took my beer bottle and started to ease it into her pussy. Sandy screamed out for me to stop but I was having fun. While teasing in the bottle the other girls started to strip and corress the body of the geek on my coffee table. Surprising the bottle went very deeply into the girls muff and I had to step up my attack. I got one of my girls to fetch a cucumber from the kitchen.

"Now Sandy, since that didnt work lets try something different!"

"Why are you doing this to me?"

I didnt dignify that remark with a reply. I just stripped off my strappy black top and my jeans (I never wear underwear, gets in the way!) and took the cucumber.

"You ever been fucked by a cucumber Sandy?"

The response was shocking:

"Yes mistress, all the time mistress. Thats how I masturbate!"

"Sorry babe, I dont believe you!"

And with that I inserted that 16 inch cucumber as far as it would go into her pussy. She screamed with delight as I did so I pushed harder until they were screams of pain. Then I took the rest of the cucumber and getting on top of her, the girls around started fucking each other. Fingers everywhere and 69er happening, it was an /orgy/">orgy!

I started fucking this geek with all my force thrusting in and out, in and out, in and out, in and out until I came and came again. I was having orgasm after orgasm yet she still had not had one. This was the last straw!

I ordered my girls to stop fucking and to move Sandra into my room. My room, a very large room, is where I kept my toy. I believe it is called an orgasmatron (bloody expensive too!). It is basically a bed with a horizontal dildo and a vertical dildo. You can be fucked in the ass and the cunt whatever way you position yourself on the cushioned table.

"Girls, strap her up to the device!"

"What the fucks that?"

"That, my dear, is what you are about to find out!"

Getting her onto the table was easy. She did not resist. So I thought Id make her feel pain. I set the dildos in place and turned on the machine. indian santali xvideo Watching as the dildo moved toward her cunt I felt myself getting wet again. I wanted to be on that machine. The dildo approached, then touched, then pentrated the girl. It went in deeper then deeper. She must have had at least 12" inside her! Boy! She can really take it! And she was enjoying it. It moved back and forth and she was getting nothing but pleasure. So I cranked up the speed and depth of the dildos. She was now taking around 14" of dildo every half a second or so. She was screaming it pain and finally had her first orgasm!

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, shit, so hard, so fast! Ohhhhhhhhhhh! More! I want more!"

This was ridiculous. I had done everything I could to give this girl sexual pain and all she did was enjoy it! I had to do something else.

"Unstrap her girls! Sandy, you are gonna lick me out and you are not going to stop until I tell you to! Understand!"

"Yes Mistress. Anything you say!"

She pushed me onto the bed and went down on me! It was so nice. I could feel her lips parting mine. The saliva mixing with my pussy juices. It was amazing! I must have climaxed at least another 15 times before I blacked out. When I came to, I was being fucked! Sandra was on top of me sucking my tits while my device was fucking me hard and fast.

"Oh good your awake now! Was I good?"

Barely able to speak I gave her an answer

"Yes mistress. You were wonderful mistress. Please miss, may I have some more?"

We became good girlfriends after this and we repeat this event often. I suppose the moral of this story is, dont judge a book by its cover. Or you have to fuck all of them to find out which ones the best!