Lila Cloud

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Lila Cloud

The town close to where I live use to be a thriveing town. But today it is almost a ghost town. A few businesses down town are left. One of them is a long time bar and they have good bar foods. I stopped to get a sandwich and some beer. I drank a beer as my food was prepared. I got my second beer and my sandwich I layed money down to pay my tab. I left my money lay on the bar as I ate. I was not paying attention to anything but my beer and food. Behind me and to the side a voice came forth , "got any spare change you don`t need"? I normally do not give these people anything but for an unknown reason I handed her the paper money I had laying on the bar. I turned around to hand it to her and she thanks me. She looks me in the eyes and those eyes were beautiful. She was unkempt and dirty, but those eyes. Those eyes looked familar. As I ate and drank she set at the far end of the bar and got a coffee and a sandwich. I told the bartender to give her anything and as much of anything she wants, I`ll pay. Then it came to me. Those eyes belong to Lila Cloud.

Lila Cloud was one of the best looking girls in local high school. As Lila was a native /american/">american most of the kids treated her badly. In my junior yr. I got the nerve up to ask Lila out on a date. She accepted and we were a couple. We dated the last two yrs. of school and a year after we graduated. We eventually broke up and went our seperate ways. I heard she got a good husband with a good job and was living the good life she deserved.

As this homeless woman left the bar she stopped and thanked me again for buying her something to eat. I ask her her name, Debbie she replys. As she walks away I call out, hey Lila. She turns around and takes a couple steps toward me and stares into my eyes again. She gasps, puts her hand over her mouth and turns and runs away. She recognized me, I`m sure.

As the weeks go by I watch for Lila but I never see her. One day I stop in the alley and ask some homeless guys if they know where Debbie stays. They get smartassed with me. I offer a $10 to one of them. He says give two of them and I`ll show you where she is at now. He leads me into the basement of an old abandon building and we go into a room and he points at a pile of rags, cardboard and other stuff. Shes in there he tells me. I shine my falshlight over there and call her name. Nothing answers. I spot a foot. I kick it and she sticks her head out. I offer her my hand xxx sex video download free com and pull her to her feet. I ask her, you remember me ? She answers of course I do. I was in love with you for three years, how could I forget.

We talk and she gathers her things and I take her home with me. The first thing I show her is the bathroom. She smiles and asks, you think I need a bath ? I show her the towels, wash clothes. Show her soap for the clothes washer. About two hrs. later she comes out wearing one of my tee shirts. I hear the washer and dryer running.

A couple days later I take her to town and buy her all new clothing. In the mornings we drink our coffee on the porch and talk. She tells me her husband lost his job which started the down hill spiral. She lost her job. They lost their nice home. Her husband ends up killing himself and the insurance would not give her anything. She tells me she ended up where I found her.

Lila had been living or staying with me for about two weeks. One morning while we had coffe she informed me she wanted to do someting to earn her keep. She ask if she can take over the daily care of the house and cooking. Also will do any and all household duties. I tell her sure if you want but you don`t have to.

I give her keys to one of my cars to use if she needs it for whatever. She is very pleased.

Lila has been here for about 5-6 weeks now. I waked sexxxx video ful hd up one morning and as I toss and turn wakeing up I notice someone is in bed with me. I reach over and feel a naked hip. Then a naked ass. Then I hear, it took you a long time to notice I was in here with you. I been here all night.

Lila has a very nice set of tits. Nice smooth ass. A clean shaved pussy. As I rub her box she tells me that she shaved just for me. I begin an assault with my mouth on her tits. She lets go with a sigh and a low moan. She informes it has been many years since anyone has make love to her. Very soon she is drippig wet. She ask me now, put it in now, I need it /bad/">bad, please now. I mount her and begin to slowly stroke in and out. Soon, very soon the announcement I`m cumming, I`m cumming, oh it`s so good oh oh oh faster faster now cum in me now and we both hit the peak at the same time. We lay in the bed and talk and we show each other the affection like we was still in high school.

Lila from then on shares my bed every night. I try to get her to suck dick and am informed she has never done that. She has never been eat out. It ends up they only fucked with her on her back. No doggie, no her on top, just missionary.

She finally agrees to let me go down on her. The first few minutes she was very uncomfortable letting me do her. Then bang, Oh shit, oh damn, oh oh oh, shit, shit, I AM CUMMING, I AM CUMMING !!! She is done for the night. I climb on her worn out pussy and nut off in her.

As time goes on she becomes eager to learn all the things about sex she never tried. In a few short weeks I would rate her as one of the best cocksuckers that ever graced my dick. When she found out how she could be in control by being on top she loved it. A few time I had to get her to easy up as she was hurting my dick. Was concerned she would break it or injure it. When I done her doggie she would buck back on me and talk shit how wonderful it felt.

Lila was once again becomeing the lady that she was in every way except the bedroom. In bed she was the /whore/">whore every man wants. She was also the lady every man wants on his arm.

Lila was very vocal when she cum. She loved it when she put her legs on my shoulders. She would have multiple orgasms in that position. I would be outside working in the yard and here she would come with a blanket ready to fuck or suck. After she got a taste of the various sexual positions she was a true lover. During the day, mornings, afternoons, middle of the night. Sex time was when the urge hit.

Lila has become a sexual tigress. Most times when we have sex she want to try all the positions. After she found out how good "69" was it was many weeks before she would do any other position. When we went "69" I would easy a finger into her /hole/ass-hole/">ass hole and it would intensive her orgasms. It took many, many long weeks before she would let me try her pooper hole. I finally got the head in and she would go wild. She loved it. She finally let me finger /ass/ass-fucking/fuck-her-ass/">fuck her ass and add another finger to loosen her up. Finally she announced /ass/ass-fucking/fuck-my-ass/">fuck my ass I`m ready. I did but was very gentle. She has learned to cum by getting butt fucked. Ass is rationed. I only get ass on special occasions. Any and all other positions when ever she or I want. Lila has never gave me the old shit, "not tonight I have a headache".

As Lila ages she gets prettier. Her long black hair in the sun has a blue cast to it. Her tits are comparable with young girls in their 20`s. Her ass is so /sweet/">sweet looking sometimes I just want to kiss it. Her hour glass figure for /women/">women her age is to die for. She has the complexion of someone who just returned from the Florida sun.

I have informed Lila she is welcome to spend the rest of her life here if she so chooses. She smiled and says "I known it".