From Top to Bottom Part One

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From Top to Bottom Part One

I have had many encounters with shemales over the last eight real forced anal against her will years. I first discovery that such beautiful creatures existed was when I lived in Tucson, Arizona. I had gone to a adult bookstore and was in a booth watching a little porn when I came across my first movie. I sat back stroking my cock watching this buxom blond suck this guy off. Then of course he bent her over and fucked her hard in the ass. 

I still rememember seeing those bounce and her cock swing back and forth as he forced his deep in her ass! Then to my amazment he submitted to her and she rose to a good 9.5 inches and fucked him hard! Wow! I was alittle more than hooked. Of course I never have brought my escapades out in the open and have kept them very quite. About three years ago I had moved to Chicago. By this time I had been with several Shemales but always was a dominate top. I am in good shape and have a very thick and rock hard 9 inch cock. Keep in mind I have stretched out many a young lady and a young shemale with my memeber.'

I am pretty long lasting and can fuck for hours. Anyway, I was looking through the internet on one winter morning looking for a . I found a very shemale named Christina. THe I met her she was very attactive and enjoyed as much as I do. We began making out on her couch. She sat back on the couch and pulled her cock out of her panities and began stroking it making it nice and hard for me. I stood up and continued getting undressed. I moved towards her and she learned forward and took my cock in her warm mouth. It felt fantastic. She sucked me for a awhile and then I pushed her away knelt in front of her and return the favor sucking her cock for a good ten minutes.I really enjoy sucking cock I then moved up sucking each of her nipples until they were ridged. 

We were both getting pretty hot by this time. I picked her up carried her to the bedroom and layed her on the bed. We then played for some time kissing, sucking, and then finally she grabed a bottle of lube and began lubing her tight little . I began sucking her cock and working one then two and then three fingers into her tight little hole. She told me she was usually a top. I leaned down and kissed her and told her she still was but right now she was going to be my little girl. Keep in mind Christina is very sexy. You would never tell she has something extra in her panties if you met her. She has a very nice set of 36DD breasts. a beautiful face, and and xnxxv sunny leone video attached to very long sexy leggs. I grabbed her by the leggs and then placed the head of my cock to her tight little asshole. I have a large mushroom head and she winced, moaned and screamed alittle and I pushed myself inside of her. It took a few minutes of trying as gently as possible to get my entire cock into he tiny little hole. once she got used to me she got into it. I fucked her hard. 

Then we tried many different positions. Her on top, doggie style my favorite. I remmeber her telling to stop because I am to big! Thats the wrong thing to say to a Bigdick top who is enjoying providing a hard assfucking. I slapped her across the ass and pushed deeper into her ass. She was moaning and beganing screaming for me to fuck her harder. After some time I finally shot my load off. I then gently pulled my cock out of her beautiful ass I pulled the spent condom from my still ridgid cock. She then rolled into my arms and she held each other and kissed each other for quite awile. She crawled on top of me and fed me each one of her large brown nipples. After awhile she told me she wanted to massage me. She rubbed my back and neck and then worked her way down to my leggs and then worked back up to my ass and then reached down and massage my balls from behind. She then began rubbing my virgin asdhole. Up until this time I never took it in ass. I had thought about it but never acted upon. 

We had been with each other several times since the first so I decided as she worked my virgin hole that I would try it as see if I liked it. When Christina gets her cock stretched out. She is as long as me. Not as thick but enough to let me know whose in charge. She then made me get on all fours. I went to get up on my arms and she said, "no you don't" She made me lay my head on the bed and I had my ass up in the air. Okay at this point I was feeling alittle vaunerable. I then felt for the first time the head of her cock push against my tight Spichter. As she pushed into me it hurt, I felt a hot pain and tried to pull away from her. She slapped me across my ass and forced me back down. "NO you don't, Shush, 

Now your gonna know now how good it feels when you get a cock"! She started pushing her into my ass and I screamed like a and told her it was to big. She slapped me across my ass again and forced her cock into my ass. After awhile She pulled her cock out of me. She rolled me over on my back and the pushed my leggs back. My cock was still hard and she reached down and stroked it. Then sucked me for a while . She told me to hold my leggs up and then she put her cockhead back in my ass and began pushing herself back into me. I winced. Being fucked like a girl flat on my back seemed to hurt more than being bent over. 

I begged her to take it out and she told me to hush. After awile of being fucked like this it began to fell very good. While she fucked me I found myself pushing back onto her cock and meeting her thrusts. She fuckied my like this for quite awhile. My ass was numb and then she pulled her cock out of my ass pulled her condom of and then came and my chest. She leaned down and french kiseed me long and slow. She crawled back into arms and we held each other for quite awhile. "I've been wanting to do that to you for a long time she told me" We then sucked each other off and I again fucked her good. 

She told me that I could have her ass anytime I wanted it because she loved my cock. She teased me that in about a week I'd be begging her to again. When I got dressed to leave she came up and kissed me and she reached around and grabbed my cock through my pants. She nibled on my ear and then rubbed my freshly now boken asshole. She ask, "hows your pussy baby"? I was alittle embarrassed. 

A big muscleman and designated toughguy and this lovely shemale just fucked me in the ass! I then left and about a week later I couldn't believe how horny I got for her. I layed in bed one morning stokeing my cock and suddenly my ass ached for her cock to be in me again! She was right that naughty bitch! So I did what any guy that enjoys sex with a shemale does. I called her again. That however is another story.