new orleans part 2

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new orleans part 2

Even though this is the second part of a story, there is no need to read part 1. 
Please feel free to send me an email and for those who have, THANKS (its nice to hear what is good and /bad/">bad about the stories)! 


Tonight has been a long night and the night is still young. Never
before have I watched my wife flirt with a guy. To be honest I always 
thought that I would be jealous. Even the thought of her looking at a 
man would set me off. But tonight, it was exciting watching her. She 
looked so sexy and happy which was a real turn on. 

Now for the long ride back to our hotel room. Sharon is with us and
wants to spend the night. What a lucky man I am. To be honest, Emily 
has never expressed an interest in being this wild or adding someone 
but who am I to object. Lucky for us a taxi pulls up for us. 

We all jump into the first taxi that comes our way. Sharon is the first
to get in. Emily pushes me to get in next. Quickly I am sandwich 
between these two sexy ladies. Instinctively my hands move to their 
thighs. With a light touch I started to massage their thighs. Not 
that they needed help to get into the mood. Both /women/">women were more than 

The taxi brings us to our hotel. xxx ?How about a quick drink?? Emily

?Sounds great, I could use one.? Sharon replies. 

Tonight was a wild night for her, but she still needed a boost. Or
should I say a shot of confidence to compete the night. The look in 
her eye told me that she was still on fire craving more. 

The bar is your typical northern rustic establishment with a heavy dark
wood with a thick laminated top. The place is clear of clients and we 
made our way over to the bar. We sat at the end of the bar with Sharon 
looking at each other while Emily between us. 

The bartender makes our drinks. It seems that we are all thinking about
what we are about to experience. There are no words spoken. The 
sexual tension is thicker than pea soup. We all watch intently and 
make eye contact. Each as nervous as the other, for what they are 
about to experience. All of us are enjoying the buildup, the sexual 
tension. The bartender asks me if we need anything. The girls quickly 
tell him that we are ok. He then excuses himself, saying that he will 
return in five minutes. As our liquor needs are taken care of he walks 
behind a door. 

?That was a sexy show the two of you put on. I only wish that I had a
dry pair of panties to change into.? Sharon says. 

?Oh really now, that sounds exciting.? Emily says while moving closer
to Sharon. Sharon?s face starts to turn a bright shade of red as Emily 
moves next to her. Knowing Emily I know that her hand has moved to 
Sharon?s thigh. What a show the girls will put on. As Sharon?s eyes 
get bigger, I quickly look down to notice Emily?s hand on Sharon?s 

Instantly the hormones rush though my body. ?That would be a sight to
behold. Two beautiful women from the gods that I will only be lucky 
enough to fantasies about, and fantasies about waking up next to in the 

I watch as she moves behind to Sharon. Smiling, as she is swivels the
chair. Emily moves down her body until she is between her lets. 
Sharon leans forwarding her chair and closes her eyes. Emily?s hands 
dance up Sharon thighs until they disappear under her skirt. Sharon 
gasps and holds the air in. Her nipples become noticeable erect. 
Emily?s hands return from under her skirt. Sharon?s panties are 
delicately guided past her heels. For the /first-time/">first time in her life, well 
that I know of, Emily face is inches away from a woman most private 
sexual part. 

Watching this makes me wish that I could be Emily or Sharon. How
exciting to remove a ladies panties. How exciting to have your spouse 
watch as your face is only inches away from the forbidden private 
parts. With Emily so close Sharon opens her legs to my wife. Emily?s 
freezes not knowing what to do with Sharon?s sex exposed to her. 

Emily pauses for a few seconds, knowing her I assume that she is
thinking about what she wants to do. Sharon squirms a little in her 
chair. The delay is killing her. She?s a little uncomfortable but 
excited to have her pussy exposed to anyone who wants to look. She 
desperately waits for Emily?s warm lips to touch her, to give her 

Then it happens. Emily slowly moves forward like a robot. Without
thinking about it Emily?s lips touch Sharon?s lips. I watch intently 
as best as I can. Watching as my wife kisses Sharon?s wet lips. My 
wife?s tongue leaves her mouth and touches its first pussy. Sharon 
pussy is very wet. Sharon moves her hands to Emily?s hair and pulls 
the hair away from my wife?s face. Emily breaks her embrace. Slowly 
she moves back while looking up at her /friend/sexy-friend/">sexy friend. 

?I have never been so turned on before in my life.? Sharon says. ?You
better finish me or you will have to keep your husband away from me 
before I rape him.? 

?You are on fire. I can feel your heat.? 

?Yes it was one of the most erotic experiences of my life.? 

?God, I wish you could do that to me, but I don?t know where my panties
are!? Emily jokingly says. 

You want me to remove your clothes?? 

?No, I want your pretty face on my sex.? 

Never thought that I would hear my wife say something like that. Her
talk is exciting and to hear her talk so trashy and sexual. I find her 
trash talk exciting. She never talks that way. We all laugh at her 
comment and then started to remember what happened an hour ago. Sharon 
sits back up and turns towards me. ?God, I have never seen, or 
experienced something as hot as you two. Tonight, you two did things 
that I only wish would happen to me.? 

Quickly I sign the check for our drinks. It?s a mad dash to make our
way out of the bar. Walking down the hallway these sexy ladies 
sandwiched me between them. My hands move to the small of their backs 
as I escort them over elevator. Sharon presses the up button and Emily 
grabs my up button. The doors open and we walk in. Emily turns around 
and presses herself into me. She reaches out and pulls Sharon into 
her. I watch as Sharon lips move towards my wife. 

?I have always wanted to know how a woman kissed.? Sharon says. 

?Tonight you will do more than kiss.? A beat. ?You are going to taste
me.? My wife says to her causing my cock to ach knowing that soon, 
Sharon will be licking my wife?s nectar. ?Tonight, I am going to cum 
on your face.? Emily turns and moves closer to Sharon. Slowly and 
unsurely she moves closer to her lips. Feverously Sharon bites her 
lower lip then licks them as my wife moves to kiss her. Finally their 
lips touch. 

They kiss with the most erotic embrace. My hands move to Sharon and I
start to pull up her dress exposing her ass. She moans as the cold air 
touches her exposed parts. Feeling naughty my hands take Emily?s and 
place her palm on Sharon?s firm ass. 

Emily is pressing her /hard/hard-ass/">hard ass into me. My hands move down her side. 
Slowly I pull up her skirt exposing her intimate parts. Breaking the 
kiss Sharon looks up and smiles at me. Like a kid in a candy store she 
grins with a wide smile. Painfully slow I watch as she moves down my 
wife?s body until her Sharon?s face is next to my wife?s pussy. It 
seems to take hours. Emily tries to kiss me as Sharon?s takes Emily?s 
lips in her moist mouth. I can feel the pleasure through Emily?s body. 
Sharon takes her clit and starts to work magic with her tongue. 

The doors to the elevator open but Emily tries to keep Sharon between
her legs. Tapping on my wife on the shoulder and say, ?Honey, she can 
continue once we get into our room.? Sharon starts up and Emily turns 
around. Her face has a possessed look desperately she wants to cum and 
I believe that she would do anything to reach her orgasm. 

?I want her to make me cum.? 

?In time my love she will, but first we have to go to our room.? I tell

They break their embrace and leave the elevator. It seems to take hours
to find our hotel room. Tonight I will be watching my wife make love 
to a woman, her first woman. Knowing that I am going to watch is 
extremely exciting. Earlier I learned that she wanted to expand our 
relationship and I had no clue what that meant. Who knows where and 
when our journey would end. But for now I am game to play. 

Now it hits me, our relationship is about to change. But this does not
stop me, nor do I think about this after our hotel door opens. The 
ladies walk in as I hold the door for them. It?s been a long night and 
I desperately need to use the rest room. There is no way that I want 
to miss anything, but nature demands my attention. 

As I return I notice how hot the room is and a beautiful sight greets my
eyes view. Emily is lying on the bed embracing the now topless Sharon. 
In fact both girls are only in their panties. The two sexy creatures 
cuddle and caressed each other and I had a front row seat. 

For what feels like hours I watch the two ladies caress and kiss. 
Slowly their passion starts to build as they allow me to watch, or 
maybe they forgot about me. Either way I feel extremely lucky to watch 
them pleasure themselves. Then the ladies notice me. 

Emily looks at me and gives me a little smile. She takes Sharon?s lips
and spreads them with her tongue. I watch in amazement as my wife 
aggressively kisses this sexy woman. Sharon hands start to roam over 
my wife?s body. Slowly her hands make it to the small of Emily?s back. 
Sharon pulls on her panties, and from my angle I can see camel toes. 
She applies a little pressure on her clit with her panties. 

Emily starts to make love to Sharon?s thigh. I watch as she presses her
sex tight against Sharon?s tight thigh. She moves her body to make 
love to her, but still these sexy ladies kiss with passion. Emily 
takes the lead, knowing her as I do; she wants to tease her friend. 

Before tonight I thought that the wildest thing we would ever experience
is when we installed mirrors in our bedroom. However, this is way more 
erotic to watch your loved one making love to a stranger. The look on 
her face excites me with how flush and excited Emily is. 

Sharon reaches out for Emily and pushes her flat on the bed. Emily
turns /submissive/">submissive and closes her eyes as her friend takes control. 
Sharon?s hands move down to my wife?s body. I watch as Sharon?s finger 
touch my wife private intimate parts where her panties use to be. 
Emily is fully into this as she accepts her /friend/new-friend/">new friend. Sharon takes 
her wet finger and moves her fingertips to Sharon?s clit. 

Slowly the orgasm builds in Emily?s body. Surprisingly there are no
jealous feelings, in fact I just feel lucky to watch this unique 
experience to watch her in this heighten sexual state. Emily?s hips 
move and rotate involuntary as her friend pleasures her. Sharon and I 
watch my wife in this state both wanting almost demanding that she 
orgasm for us. 

Emily?s orgasm takes hold of her body. With one volt her long torso
pushes off the bed as the pleasure caesuras rip through her sexy body. 
It?s powerful enough to raise the little hairs on my neck. 

Sharon turns and our eyes meet. An evil grin forms on her lips. ?You
had him earlier and now I am going to take porn videos download your husband while you 

Emily still lost in pleasure land just agrees with out opening her eyes.
Having Sharon say something like that stirs my all ready rock hard 
cock. Emily has just given me permission to take this sexy creature. 

?Come here and put that /hard/hard-love/">hard love tool in me.? She demands. ?Let me
milk you while your wife watches.? 

Like a kid at Christmas I move over to her. Having shed my clothes
hours ago I move on the bed next to her. As I move on the bed she 
reaches out and hold me, guiding me towards her. Sharon pulls me on 
top of her. I feel my cock slide between her wet lips. With her left 
hand she reaches down and places me at her entrance. Emily?s eyes open 
as I slide in Sharon. This is the first time I have been in a woman 
since I meet Emily. Now I?m enjoying this sexy woman with a hot body 
right in front of my wife. 

Emily snuggles up next to Sharon. Her hand touches runs up and down her
body. ?Do you like my husbands cock?? 

?Thank you for sharing.? She moans as I slide deeper in her. 

My wife?s hands move on my body. I always enjoy her /sensual/">sensual touch. 

?Doesn?t she have a sexy body? How does she feel?? Emily asks. 

?She?s very tight.? 

?Don?t you love her lips, look at how full they are.? 

?Very nice, did you like kissing her?? 

?Yes, she is a great kisser.? 

I keep up the pace as we talk. Kind of strange to be with someone while
your wife is there watch, and talking to you. Emily?s hands move 
between Sharon?s body and mine. The touch of a woman is erotic and to 
watch a woman touch a woman is special. I watch as Emily teases 
Sharon?s nipples. How her body response to Emily?s touch heightens my 
arousal. Trying my best to fight it, but my body is over loaded with 

Emily senses my state, ?Cum in her.? 

?Oh god yes, cum in me.? Sharon demands. 

My body tenses as that feeling takes control of my body and I explode
deep in Sharon?s pussy. 

We all lay there a few minutes to catch our breath. I am on one end
while Emily is at the other. To be honest I?m a little worried about 
how Emily feels. Is she upset, or is she happy. Strangely but its 
comfortable and we all fall asleep.