Turning John Into a Sex Slave

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Turning John Into a Sex Slave

I was a second year student at the university and midterm was fast approaching. I decided that for one evening I would stay inside and study in my dorm room. My friend John however decided to go out to a /party/">party. It was nearing twelve when I heard John and this girl come inside the door. The girl was pretty hot the beautiful hour glass figure plus tow /breasts/huge-breasts/">huge breasts, I wondered how John managed to get such a /hot/hot-chick/">hot chick. He was shorter than her and pretty /cute/">cute but his dick made her a class above him. Along with them came the smell of alcohol so I new they were both drunk. We had a bunk bed and John slept on the bottom, and that is where he took his girl. Then they both started undressing which startled me because John must have known I was just a few feet away. However, he turned to me and said, ’Hope you don’t mind if we go at it.’
’Sure,’ I replied, ’go right ahead.’

And that is just what they did, John shoved his real thin four and half inch dick as far as it would go into her pussy. His hands were squeezing her breasts with a clumsy grip and I could tell she wasn’t receiving much pleasure from the forced moans she was releasing. Two people having sex a few feet away still turned me on however, and I could feel my seven inch dick pulsing in my pants so I took it out and started playing with it. I couldn’t stand it anymore this hot girl was going to waste right before my eyes, I decided I would do something. I stood up and walked over to them and said, ’Do you mind if I join you two.’
Before John could say anything the girl replied, ’Oh, please do.’

To this John could say nothing because he didn’t want to disappoint his woman. Having received permission I took off all my clothes and stood behind her and John. The way John had mounted her kneeling allowed me clear access to her /asshole/">asshole. Even though I would have preferred talking my time and working over her whole body, I simply shoved my dick into her tiny asshole. A look of extreme pleasure came over her face. Having two dicks in her sent her over the edge and she climaxed almost instantly.

’Oh keep going, this fells so good. Shove that dick up my ass, come on, Ooohhh!!’
John and I kept on humping as if it were that end of the world. John however climaxed also and blasted his load into her pussy. He rolled over and pulled as he pulled his dick out of her pussy. I was now the only one left so took two fingers and started playing with her clit and playing with her lips. With my other hand I gently caressed her breasts and tweaked her nipples.

I could feel that this was really exciting her because she was squirming with every new thrust finally she orgasmed just as I did and fluids seeped out of her pussy as I pumped her ass full of my cum. Exhausted I laid down on top of her. Then she whispered into my ear, ’What a man.’
Our three bodies lay close to each other on that bed for quite a while. Finally, my dick started to get big again and I decided it was time for another round. I mounted her just as John had earlier on my knees with my hand manipulating her breasts and our tongues intertwining. John who had almost fallen asleep sat up and said, ’What about me.’

We stopped for a second and I said, ’Get her up the ass you drunk idiot.’
He got of the bed and got out of my site. I slowly started pleasuring her again when suddenly I felt John’s dick being shoved up my ass. To my /surprise/">surprise it felt good. His dick had no trouble getting in and with each thrust came a wave of pleasure. I decided not to say anything and kept on going. Suddenly I felt my ass being filled with John’s cum and I went over the edge as his juices filled me mine filled the girls pussy. This sent her over the edge too and she moaned loudly. For the second time that night our three bodies lay in a pile on the bed.

We were lying there when this idea popped into my head. I stood up and saw that the other two had fallen asleep. John who had rolled off of me onto the bed was lying there in peaceful sleep when I grabbed him and pulled him to his feet. ’What the fuck were you doing?’
’Huh?’ he said. Obviously confused by my waking him up.
’You shoved your dick up my ass and came, what the hell did you think you were doing, performing your gay fantasies on me.’
With that I shoved him too the ground which was no difficulty because he was drunk and I sat on his chest with his head locked in between my knees. My dick was semi-erect and so I shoved the cum covered head into his mouth so he could taste it. ’So do you like that, I can’t believe I trusted you, and you violated me.’

With muffled words, because my dick was getting pretty big and it was in his blowjob porn videos mouth, ’I’m sorry, what can I do for you to forgive me.’
This is what I was waiting for, ’You could be my /slave/sex-slave/">sex slave.’
’Your sex slave?’
’You would have to do whatever I asked you to do whenever.’
’I don’t know’’
I shoved my now erect dick back into his mouth and all the way in, I held his head with my hands and forced my dick in and out of his mouth. ’Do you like that John, (I know I did) you will only be doing things you like, such as tasting my cum, come on John do I have to remind you how you violated me.’
’Ok, I’ll do it.’

I couldn’t believe it he had agreed. ’In order for you to show your loyalty you have to suck my dick.’ I got off his chest and stood up. He got onto his knees and looked right at my dick. He finally opened his mouth and twirled around the head with his tongue. milf porn videos Then he tried to put my entire dick into his mouth, he tried but couldn’t because of his gag reflex. I was so turned on that I came almost instantly and I didn’t warn him. One of my biggest loads ever filled his mouth as I told him to eat it. He tried but not being used to it wasn’t able to a small portion dripped down my dick and he licked it up with his tongue doing just what his /master/">master wanted him to. Exhausted from the whole experience we fell asleep on the floor.

This was the best acquisition I ever made me and John had many more adventures. Look for more stories about me and John.