Showers Speedos and Department Stores Chapter One

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
Showers Speedos and Department Stores Chapter One

Okay, so like, there are a lot of /cute/">cute foreign guys in my dorm hall. I mean a lot. The cutest ones are Julien Hugon and Kenny LeSagar both from France. They are totally hot. Too hot for their own good. Umm. Anyway, back to the story. I heard from a reliable source that they liked threesomes. I didn’t know with which sex, but I was soon to find out. These guys are very shy and if you want something from them you have to beat it out of them. It took 3 months just to get them to talk to me. It was then that they began wwwxxx to realize that I was their friend and wanted to get to know them a little better. We did. W never /hung/">hung out together but we often spoke in their native language, and they would correct me all the time. They told me that if I ever came to Paris, they would be glad to show me around.

One day, I would take them up on that offer. Anyway, I was hanging out with a few friends at the end of the hall, when Kenny and Julien went into the shower. They went in separate ones though. However, my friends decided to videotape them and make fun of them. They don’t like foreign guys, and they don’t like Americans. But both are misunderstood. I understand them and they understand me. Anyway, Kenny stepped out of the shower and went into Julien’s across the room. He stayed for a while and then, he went back to is own. My friends despised this. I thought that it was beautiful. My friends know that I am gay, and they don’t mind me expressing myself. They went back to the room. I went the wwwxxx to my room to go and take a shower, intentionally.

When I got in there, I spoke to Kenny; Julien heard me and spoke himself. My friends knew that I had gone into the shower, and they knew what I was going after. They came in and began filming me. As I was soaping myself down, my shower curtain flew open. It was Kenny and Julien. I heard them talking, but I didn’t know what they were talking about. Anyway, there they were, looking at my naked body, and I at theirs. I admired them. They were beautiful. They walked to me and kissed me. Julien kissed me on the lips and Kenny sucked on my neck. I was in heaven. With the warm water hitting my back, and the feeling of these two warm swimmers build bodies pushed against me at the same time, I felt weak. I knew that I would have to service them first. I dropped down to my knees and took Julien in my mouth. He tasted great. I took all of his 7 inches into my throat. It was my priority to please these two men, and show them /american/">american hospitality.

I licked on their balls, even turned them around to slide my tongue up their ass. They loved it. They moaned in French, but I didn’t know what they were saying, and I didn’t care as long as they enjoyed what I was giving them. While I was sucking Julien, I tasted what I thought was pre-cum. I asked him was he close; he said that he had already come once and that he was working on another. I told him that it was Kenny’s turn. Kenny did all the right things. He grabbed my head and began to fuck my face. It was wonderful. I began to massage his balls. I heard him utter a few moans. ’Oh yeah.’
Julien just stood there as he watched his roommates’ dick disappear into my hungry mouth. Kenny shot a large load, and I lapped it all up. By the time I was finished, Julien had worked up another /boner/">boner. I was ready to take it when Kenny got on his knees before my mouth could reach it. I just looked around for the moment, noticing that my friends were still recording the ordeal.

I smiled for them, and found another cock to put in my mouth. I had just sucked Kenny, so I guess it was time for me to get sucked. I stood up and Julien lowered he mouth onto my member. This guy can suck, damn near better than I can. It didn’t take my long to fill his mouth with that gooey goodness that all three of us loved. He swallowed eagerly as I had done him. Kenny and I shared Juliens cum after he was brought to a full eruption. After the long ordeal that took well over an hour, we delighted in cleaning each other. We departed unwillingly, but we knew that we would see each other the next day, at the swimming pool.